Title IV Part A

Title IV Part A, Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)

Curriculum Specific Training: Physical Education



Healthy Schools Summer Academy


Integrated Lesson Plans for Physical Education and Science: Grades 4 & 5

These resources were developed by teachers from Brevard Public Schools, in partnership with the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Healthy Schools and the Title IV- Part A, Student Support and Academic Enrichment Office. All lessons are aligned to Florida standards for both physical education and science in grades 4 & 5. Florida standards from physical education and science were purposefully selected and integrated into lesson plans that address both subject areas. Each lesson plan identifies all necessary instructional information, academic language, and includes formative assessments to measure student progress.
These integrated lesson plans were developed with the intent of both physical education and science teachers working together to deliver instruction to students. All lessons follow the 5E Model where applicable, and are intended to be taught simultaneously during the school year. For example, the content may be introduced during a science lesson and then investigations and applications introduced during physical education. This allows students to receive instruction in both subject areas and gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge. For additional information or questions regarding these instructional resources please contact Nichole.Wilder@fldoe.org.


Teaching Students With Disabilities for Physical Education Online Course

This self-paced, online professional development course provides physical educators information about the foundations of exceptional student education, the provision of services for students with disabilities, and instructional practices that can be used not only for students with disabilities, but with all students. The suggested in-service hours for this course are 20. This should allow educators who successfully complete this course to meet the renewal requirement of one semester hour (which is equivalent to 20 in-service points) in teaching students with disabilities (SWD) needed for recertification. Please note that all educators must get approval from their school district contact for professional development to ensure all district level processes are followed and what documentation is needed before registering and/or beginning this course.

Below is a description of the six major units in this course.

Steps to register and enroll in the Teaching Students With Disabilities for Physical Education Online Course: