Title IV Part A

Title IV Part A, Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)

Child Trafficking Rule Frequently Asked Questions

Development of Implementation Plans

1. When are school district implementation plans due?

2. How will the school districts submit their implementation plans?

3. Is using the sample implementation plan template from the FDOE mandatory or optional?

4. Should the plans for each grade level be listed separately?

5. When listing subject areas for a school that chose to hold an assembly, should all subject area(s) and courses be listed on the implementation plans if information is provided to a group?  

6. Should school districts include specific course numbers or course titles in the implementation plans?

7. Should the names of professionals delivering the instruction be provided on the implementation plans?

8. Where can school districts access the link to the optional implementation plan template provided by FDOE?

9. Should a specific school district designee approve and submit the implementation plan?

10. Will the implementation plans be approved or denied?

11. Is the implementation plan template the same as the annual report template?

12. If a district makes edits to an implementation plan after it has been submitted to FDOE, does the updated plan need to be resubmitted to the Department?

13. Is there a sample implementation plan from another district?

14. Can statements on the implementation plan repeat if they apply to multiple grade levels? 

15. Are charter schools or private schools required to provide the instruction referenced in these rules?

16. How does a school district determine if a resource is age appropriate?

17. Is there a required completion percentage/rate?

18. Are there specific standards associated with these rules?

19. Can parents opt out of the child trafficking instruction?

20. Can child trafficking prevention education instruction be delivered online?

21. Should non-instructional staff receive professional development regarding child trafficking?

22. Can we start the child trafficking prevention education training with a select group of students for this school year and expand in later years?